Cincy EZPark is a state-of-the-art technology that allows residents of and visitors to Cincinnati to utilize more than 4,000 on-street parking meters in the city’s urban core with even greater ease.

The initial phase of the system developed in 2014 when City Council decided to upgrade the city’s entire on-street parking system. That included installing new “smart meters” in various parts of the urban core, including Over-the-Rhine, the Central Business District and several business districts in other neighborhoods.

As part of Cincy EZPark initiative, the City of Cincinnati and Conduent have introduced a pay-by-cellphone solution. The app, created by Passport Labs, Inc., lets motorists pay without walking up to any of the city’s on-street parking meters.

This service presents drivers with a much simpler option for putting money into a parking meter. Parkers can extend their parking session, view all mobile parking transactions and receive a reminder 10 minutes before their parking session expires.

When purchasing time at a meter using the Cincy EZPark app, the parking meter will not display the time purchased or remaining. Instead, customers can see the time remaining directly on their phones and that time is stored in the cloud.

Parking Enforcement Officers utilize wireless handheld devices to see whether or not a space or plate is paid.